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Lost in the Baltic - the island of Hogland

Barbara Lönnqvist

Meeting Latvia

Gina Ochsner

Moe море
Nature in the History of the Baltic
Sven-Olof Lindquist
On Lithuanian literature Eugenijus Ališanka
Östersjöns Alexandria
Johannes Salminen
Porträtt av en tid – Anna Achmatovas dikt
Preterition of the Baltic Sea in the Culture of Lithuanian National Liberation: from Valiunas to Baranauskas
Paulius V. Subačius
Sofi Oksanen’s “Purge” in Estonia
Spring in Kaunas
Per Stam
Tasapäisyyden kalpea retoriikka

Torsti Lehtinen

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The Advantage of the Margin Lars Kleberg
The Baltic Landscape and Mythology in Polish Literature
Małgorzata Czermińska
The Baltic Literary Region: Some remarks on the cultural identity of a European province
The Baltic Sea as a Theme for Saint Petersburg Writers
Natalya Tolstaya
The Baltic Sea region as a site of world history—literary and political reflections on the “fateful year” of 1904 Jürgen Manthey
The Gnarled-Pine People: Humility as nobility in Finland-Swedish Letters
The Island of Rügen as Mythic Site of Germany
Roswitha Schieb
The Lost Baltic Sea Of German Literature

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